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Breastfeeding a Newborn

Breast Feeding The New Baby

To the new mother the process of firstly giving birth and then feeding

new baby can certainly seem very daunting and confronting. This is

territory that the first time mum has never been before.

It Doesn’t To Be A Confronting Experience 

Remember that giving birth is to most women the most amazing  and

unique experience that they will go through in life and begins a whole

new journey of discovery….. the following tips may help in these early


Many expecting mothers hear that breastfeeding is going to be very challenging and that they might not make enough milk to feed their baby.

While some women do experience these struggles, they aren’t the norm.

With preparation, help and support, you can most likely breastfeed successfully for as long as you want.

See the following tips

1. Breastfeed frequently in the first 2 days. Don’t follow the clock, just breastfeed as much as possible. Not only does this soothe your newborn, it also triggers your milk production.

2. Avoid swaddling for the first few days. If you do choose to swaddle, make sure to un-swaddle the baby every two hours for feedings, and that the baby’s hands are free – not in mitts – when nursing (his hands also help trigger milk production).

3. Feed your newborn whenever she wakes up. Brand new babies only wake when they’re hungry. By the time a baby is “rooting” or sucking on her fist, she’s really hungry. Feeding your baby the moment she wakes up will help establish your milk supply.

4. Avoid using a pacifier until your baby has surpassed his birth weight.

5. Hold your baby on your chest as often as possible, even when you’re not breastfeeding. This helps to increase your milk supply over the long term.

6. Pay attention to your pain.Make sure to ask for a lactation consultant’s help within the first few days if you’re experiencing a lot of pain. A little pain is normal, as your nipples get used to the sensation, but excessive pain is probably preventable.

7. Remember that newborns feed frequently for short periods of time. Within a few weeks your baby will start to go longer periods without eating (a few hours), which gives you a little more freedom.

8. Keep your baby cool. Being too hot and sweating also burn unnecessary calories.

9. Ask for help.Before having your baby, research the different avenues of getting help in your area (lactation clinics, lactation consultant at the hospital, etc) and don’t hesitate to call right after giving birth.

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